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MCS is excited to announce our latest software launch this month. This software program will integrate customer interaction with a real time look at daily progress on each job. Clients will be able to view everything from project cost, change orders, daily logs from our on-site team, pictures, videos, work schedule, etc. It allows client's to electronically sign off on any selections or changes to scope as well as real time messaging and notifications with our team. We are moving towards a seamless integration with our job site updates as well a paperless environment to eventually streamline the building process. Stay tuned for updates as we continue to strive for the best customer satisfaction!
Modular Construction Service


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2017 Signature Building Systems  MCS  Floor Plans

We can customize any floor plan but these may give you somewhere to start! Contact your salesperson or call 201.323.0252 to speak with a salesperson to receive a copy of our updated Literature Guide.

Red Bank
Red bank 55'-10" X 29'
Two Story /Branch
Branch Beach
Two Story
Hyde Park
Tow Story / Love Lady's
Love Lady's
Two Story /The Madison
The Madison
Two Story /The Tucson
The Tucson
Two Story /The Hawley
The Hawley
Two Story / Dalton
Two Story /Clarksburg 11
Clarksburg 11
Two Story / Williamsburg 1
Williamsburg 1
Two Story / Williamsburg 11
Williamsburg 11
Two Story / Williamsburg 111
Williamsburg 111

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